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Whether you are here for the adventure, to unwind, immerse yourself in culture and nature, or a bit of it all, Panama is the perfect destination. From clear waters and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean on one side to cloud forest, natural wonders and the long stretch of wild shoreline of the Pacific Coast ripe for discovery, there are many unique experiences waiting to be discovered.

PTU is a premier travel operater located in Panama City specializing in the San Blas Islands (Guna Yala), day and multi-day tours, cultural and adventure travel. Get in touch with us to help you plan your Panama adventure!

San Blas Tours

Ultimate San Blas Tour

Our longest-running and most popular tour- island hopping, snorkeling, sunken shipwreck. The ultimate way to explore San Blas.

Shared & private cabins

From $145 per person

San Blas Day Tour

Don’t have time for an overnight tour?

You can still enjoy a quick trip to the islands and spend the day in paradise!

Island hopping 2+ islands

From $110 pp



Relax and unwind. Nubesidup is a beautiful island and a nice option for anyone looking to spend their island time in a quieter and tranquil setting.

Shared & private cabanas

From $175 pp

Isla Diablo (Niadub)


Located next to Isla Perro and a sunken shipwreck, Isla Diablo is one of the more popular islands and an ideal base for day trips.

Shared & private cabanas

From $150 pp

Chichime (Wissudub Bibbi)

Perfect turquoise water, beautiful beaches, and a bit of forestry, Chichime is considered one of the best islands in San Blas.

Camping, shared & private cabins

From $160 per person

Panama Day Tours

Panama has plenty of experiences to offer- immerse yourself in culture by visiting unique indigenous villages and traditional towns, see the world famous Canal up close, explore the ruins of ancient forts, wander aimlessly through the cobblestone streets of the old-town district, jungle hike or escape to tropical island paradise. Check out our most popular day tours and start your journey!

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