Camping, cabana's or upgrade and catch a flight to the lodges far down the archipelago.


Pearl Island Archipelago, stunning beaches, deserted islands and whale watching (in season) Check out our new Survivor Tour

Mamallena Eco Lodge

Just 1.5 hrs from Panama City, get away from the noise and relax in the mountains, surrounded by nature and great hosts.


Located approx 6-8 hrs bus or 1 hour flight from Panama City lies the Volcan valley town of Bquete, filled with tour options, adventure or nature in style.

Bocas Del Toro

An overnight bus or 1 hour flight can have you on Isla Colon, close to all the great activy filled islands, surf beaches and more. More information coming soon!

Boats to Colombia

True adventure awaits any traveller wanting to experience a sailing charter like this one, between Panama and Colombia you get to spend 3 beautiful days island hoping in San Blas and 2 days on the open sea.


If this is your next stop, head to Hostel Mamallena for accommodation and tour options, with two hostels now option you can choose between city or beach to chillax in Colombia. How are you getting there? Check out the Sailing Charter options above.