Isla Diablo


Isla Diablo

Based on Isla Diablo, one of the more popular islands and surrounded by other beautiful islands so it´s an ideal home base for your stay in San Blas. Diablo offers different accommodation options with some of the better facilities, and a huge eating area next to the beach. 

Tour Overview

Transport arranged from your hostel/hotel in Panama City

Pick-up between 5:00 and 6:00 am on first day 

Drop-off approximately 12.00 pm on the final day 

*Late departure available for $20 pp extra including lunch (drop off approximately 7:00 pm)


  • All boat and land transport- pick up and drop to your accommodation in Panama City.
  • Accommodation- shared or private cabanas.
  • Meals- traditional style and prepared on the island. 
  • Snorkeling equipment, volleyball, and other games are available.
  • Day tour to 2 or more other beautiful islands which may include Isla Perro, Isla Pelicano, La Piscina, Wiley, Perro Grande.
  • Freshwater showers
  • Local Guna guide

Not Included

  • Water, snacks, and alcohol/soda drinks. Guests are welcome to bring their own along or purchase them in the islands ($1-2 for a can of beer or soda)
  • Kuna entrance tax ($23 pp for foreigners, $8 pp for Panamanian residents)


Island & Accommodation

Tour is based on Isla Diablo, a popular island in San Blas with a beautiful beach and surrounded by other smaller islands so it’s an ideal base for day tours. Isla Perro and the famous shipwreck are a short boat ride from Diablo and offer great snorkeling. Other nearby islands you can visit from here include Isla Estrella (star fish island), Isla Pelicano, Banidup, Chichime, Isla Iguana, and La Piscina.

Diablo offers different accommodation options with some of the better facilities and a large eating area next to the beach. The shared and private cabanas are basic but comfortable, privates all have wooden floors. 

There are no charging outlets in cabanas but guests can use the main restaurant area for charging devices.
Meals are prepared locally and are generally simple. The quality can vary and meals provided may not offer much variety. We do recommend that guests bring along snacks.




1 night2 nights3 nightsExtra night
Shared Cabana (sand floor)$150 pp$185 pp$225 pp$40 pp
Private cabana ( shared bath)*$160 pp$210 pp$260 pp$50 pp
Private cabana (private internal bathroom)*$170 pp$235 pp$295 pp$60 pp

* Minimum of 2 guests in Private cabanas

* Each extra night includes meals

Shared Cabanas- there are several dormitory-style cabanas on the island with sand-floors. Each sleep around 10 people.

Private Cabanas- there are 5 private cabanas with shared bathrooms and 5 private cabanas with private, internal bathrooms. The private cabanas sleep 2 or 3 people and and have wooden floors.

There are 5 toilets and 5 showers on the island for the guests to share (except for those in accommodation with private bathrooms). Facilities are basic.

 Additional Information

  • Departure from the islands is around 8:00 am on the final day. You can chose a late departure from the island (3:00 pm) for an additional $25 pp, including lunch. With this option you will arrive back to Panama City around 7:00 pm.
  • Prices do not include the Guna Yala entrance tax and port fees ($23 pp for foreigners, $8 pp for Panamanian residents).
  • Additional day tour costs $25 pp. Day tours usually visit the same groups of islands so any additional day tour will likely be very similar to the first.