Ultimate Panama Tour

Guide group tour travelling 10 days around Panama, visiting an Embera Village, San Blas Islands, Panama City’s Casco Viejo, Miraflores locks and the Mamallena Eco Lodge. A stressfree experience with an English speaking guide includes, accommodation, meals and all tours listed. With this tour you can also get involved in the communities and help with the any projects we have on the go, learn the real Panama.


Survivor Las Perlas 

Group tour with English speaking guide, camp on the uninhabitated islands of Mogo Mogo and Chepera in Las Perlas. During the 2 night 3 days tour you will get to check out those Islands and the busier island of Isla Contadora. 


Leatherback Turtle Tours

A once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the giant turtles during their nesting season. You may even be lucky enough to see the baby leatherbacks making that strenuous trek down to the ocean water. Luckily for us these amazing turtles are protected down towards this village of Armila.This tour is seasonal and the best time of year is from early/mid March to June, with the peak season being mid to late May


Panama 5 Day Package

This package is designed for those who only have a few days to explore what Panama has to offer. Visit the famous Panama Canal to see how the Miraflores Locks work with the informative museum. Then experience the indigenous Embera Village tour where you can join in during their cultural dances and music. During the evening traditional folklore show and dinner. The last day you will take our tour to Portobelo & Isla Grande.


Panama 7 Day Package

Experience Panama at its best, see the big city, relax in a hammock while glazing at the stunning white sand and turquoise water in San Blas, or snorkel with the colorful marine life. This is followed by the culture experience with the Embera tribe, and folklore shower and dinner. Finally a visit to the historical site of Portobelo and Caribbean flavored island of Isla Grande.

Panama 9 Day Package

With this package you will get to enjoy the varies cultures and favours of Panama. You will have ample time to relax, and enjoy the sun, whist snorkeling in warm turquoise waters that surround the beautiful San Blas Islands.We have taken care of all the details, the tours are predominately shared, but private tours can be arranged on request, and the package adjusted to suit your requirements.