San Blas Hotels and Lodging

The Guna people of San Blas offer a variety of accommodation to suit almost every budget. More expensive options usually provide better views, comfy beds, private bathrooms and better food. Nearly all of them are on uninhabited islands and feature plush sand beaches, hammocks, and tours daily. The more basic options will be a little more bare-bone and basic, think thatch-roofed huts in the sand and most commonly shared bathrooms. Most of the less expensive options are still located on beautiful white-sand islands, while some are located amongst local communities. The San Blas islands cover a large area and there are only two forms of transport to get to them. The most common form of transport is by 4x4 from Panama City to Carti on the coast and from there a speedboat to the islands. All of our package tours incude this transport in the price. You can also fly from Allbrook Airport to a El Porvenir in the islands. 

Our top recommendations- Land transport only

Hotel Coco Blanco

Located on Isla Ogobsibu, with only four cabanas for accommodation this petite, grassy, coconut crowned island is a quiet retreat. Hotel Coco Blanco offers unparalleled rustic tranquillity in San Blas Islands.

Cabanas Nubesidup

The limited private cabanas all have sea views. A beautiful white sand, nice sized beach, perfect for lazing in the sun reading a book, or having a swim and snorkel. The island is covered in a thin grass with lots of hammocks to relax and check out the great views. One of the quieter and more picturesque islands in the San Blas.

Cabana Isla Diablo

Beautiful large beach, so close to the shipwreck, there is a mix of private and dorm style cabanas with shared bathrooms. A small bar and restaurant and allot beach makes this Island very relaxing. Swim over to the shipwreck to see some amazing life and the large ship ruins.

Cabanas Wileys 

The nicest Accommodation in the San Blas reachable by 4x4 transport. 6 over the water cabanas with shared bathroom, each with 2 x double beds. Large beautiful white sand beach and daily tour available.

Our top recommendations- flight transport only

Hotel Yandup

The best choice for quality and luxury in the San Blas island archipelago. Yandup offers 10 spacious ocean front lodges scattered strategically around the island for comfort and privacy.

Akwadup Lodge Hotel

Set on a large coral reef in the San Blas islands, crowned by coconut palms and surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean. The lodge offers great views of a few other San Blas islands and the dense rain forest on the distant Panamanian coastline.

Dolphin Lodge Hotel 

Isla Aguja, San Blas islands is a very comfortable choice to stay in the middle of a beautiful island, with one of the bigger San Blas beaches.

Hotel Sapibenega 

Consists of six beautiful and spacious cabanas architectural designed to reflect the spirit of the Kuna culture. The lodges here are considered a notch above most of the other offerings in San Blas.

More San Blas recommendations

Cabanas Gabayai

One of the most comfortable hotels in the San Blas island archipelago. The lodge has just 5 private rooms built out on stilts over the ocean, offering views of the other San Blas islands including a local town island as well as the mainland.

Cabanas Isla Aguja

Isla Aguja, San Blas islands is a very comfortable choice to stay in the middle of a beautiful island, with one of the bigger San Blas beaches.

Hotel Nadi

Offers the traveller a comfortable and pleasant stay in the idylic San Blas islands of Panama. There are only 5 cabanas in the hostal, three private, the other two dorm style.

Dad Ibe Lodge 

Dad Ibe Lodge is one of the most private islands in the San Blas archipelago. The lodge has just 3 private cabins built out on over the ocean, offering stunning views of the two nearby uninhabited islands.

Kuna Niskua Hotel

Kuna Niskua Lodge is located in the heart of a bustling Kuna community with no beach on the island. This is a good option if you want to experience the interesting culture of the Kuna people. There are 10 basic rooms and all have private bathrooms and some running water.

Cabanas Ukuptupu

Located near the San Blas airport of El Porvenir Cabanas Ukuptupu offers a range of economic and very basic hut style accommodation. No beach on the island. They offer San Blas island island day tours and three basic meals a day.

Coral Eco Lodge 

Situated adjacent to San Blas islands, Panama on the coast of the province of Colon, Coral Lodge is a great option if you want an experience a little luxury. Coral Lodge offers 6 eco friendly cabanas over the water, two restaurants, golden beach, and tropical rain forests.

Hotel El Porvenir

Is a great option for those tight on time. It offers simple rooms, with private bathrooms, showers, and some running water. This hotel shares the island with the the airport so if you’re up for it, you can see the plane land each morning.

Hotel Kikirdup

Located close to the El Porvenir airport, this over the water hotel has a feeling of home, the family that run the Hotel are very friendly. The rooms are spacious and have private bathrooms. There is a wrap around balcony with a few chairs to sit and watch the villagers fly by on their boats, or watch the plane fly in and out of the airport.

Cabanas Kuanidup

One of the most visually beautiful islands in the region. Good food and excellent day tours make this one of our most popular options in the San Blas.

Cabanas Naranjo Grande

Cabanas Naranjo Grande has one of the most stunning beaches in the San Blas islands. Pristine location that is sure to become one of our most popular trips.

Cabanas Narasgandup

There are two private cabanas that sit over the rocky ocean frontage not to far from the restaurant, under which the resident turtle lives. There is a great long beach with fantastic turquoise water. More Cabanas are on grassy land with shared bathrooms and only a few meters to the beach.

Cabanas Casso

Casso Kuna Yala only has a couple of cabanas on their site, giving you more privacy and a more personal touch with the family there, and to top it off the cabana are looking out to the most beautiful beach on the Island, it has a slightly larger beach, and crystal clear water only metres away from your cabana.

Cabanas Chichime

A rather busy during the day with all the boat passengers coming to the island to play football, volleyball or just relax and have a cold beer. Turquoise warm water, great beaches and a bit of forestry to explore in the centre. Chi chi me takes around 15 minutes to walk around it, making it one of the larger islands.

Cabanas Assudap Bibbi

Located on the busy island of Isla Perro Chico Assudab Bibbi isn’t huge. The reason Isla Perro is so busy is due to the ship wreck that mysteriously sank there 40 years ago, no one knows why or how really, but it’s now a great reef with a lot of life hanging around it. Is a busy island with day trippers

Cabanas Banedup

This Island is often visited by passing groups. Play a game of volleyball, or chill out with a cold cerveza! The beach lies to the south and is out of the current so the water stays shallow for a few meters off parts of the shore so it’s great for just lazing around in the warm clear calm water.

Cabanas Iguana

Beautiful white sandy beaches and clear water surround this medium sized island, there are a mixture of private wooden floor cabanas with private balconies and a dorm cabana at one end of the Island, with separate bar offering a chilled out atmosphere and the restaurant has nice views from its tables.

Cabanas Demar Achudup

Brand new cabanas and amenities are being built now. Demar Achdup has another Island very close to it creating a narrow calm spot perfect for laying around in warm water. A nice sized beach at the front of the island, allot of coco nut trees in the middle and the cabanas are spread out for privacy.

Cabanas Senidup

Private Cabanas, Dorms or Camping is available on this island all with shared bathrooms. Large restaurant area has plenty of seating, and there are hammocks or benches around to relax and read a book or have a volley ball match on the beach.The beach is a nice size with amazing turquoise water.

The Kuna Yala Indians are steeped in a centuries old way of life. While they try to make foreigners comfortable visitors should be aware that all accommodations and services are rustic by Western standards. Facilities vary dramatically so be sure to read the description well before choosing which San Blas Hotel is for you. Also very important to note: The staff of some hotels only speak Spanish and Dulegaya (a Kuna dialect of Chibcha), so if you’re linguistically challenged, make sure you pick a place where communication won’t be a barrier. Please also remember that a hotel in San Blas will not equate to a hotel of the equivalent value in Panama City. It will be more rustic, and you are in San Blas to enjoy the nature, the beaches and the people. The Kuna Yala Indians and The San Blas Islands are one of the few real desert island, indigenous experiences left in the world…Don’t miss it.