How to get to San Blas

There are basically 2 feasible routes for most travellers –

Getting to San Blas by air

San Blas has a number of airports scattered through the islands. There are currently 2 airlines serving the San Blas islands but they don’t always fly to the same islands. There is only one flight each day to San Blas from each airline and it operates basically like a bus.  The flight will stop at each airport, letting off and taking on passengers and cargo.  This limits the number of seats available each day.  Prices average around $70 each way, plus taxes.  El Porvenir is one of the more popular destinations as the majority of the accomodation options in San Blas are close to here.  Please check with us before booking a flight

Getting to San Blas by road

Not so many years getting to San blas by road was an adventure.  The road to Carti was 4×4 only and they needeed to carry winches and ford a river.  The  road became a mud pit in the rainy season and 12 journeys from San Blas to Panama City were common.  Now the road has been upgraded and a bridge built across the river.  It’s still advisable to take a 4×4 but it’s nearly like a highway now.  Panama Travel Unlimited can organise 4×4 transport to Carti from Panama City for $30 each way.  You’ll be picked up at your hotel at 5-6am and driven to Carti where you’ll be met by the staff from your San Blas hotel.  Trip time is approximately 3.5-4 hours.  Taxes are not included and total around $8 for the outward journey.  Contact us for the latest information as conditions can change.

Getting to San Blas by sea

This is not really a feasible option.  The seas can be rough and the journey long.  If you’re in a small open boat it can be dangerous.  If you’re looking at chartering a boat to sail in San Blas then it’s a good idea to charter the boat starting from San Blas.  Otherwise theres a fair chance you’ll be paying to be seasick for 2 days…….

To arrange transport to San Blas hotel accommodation, please contact Panama Travel Unlimited