Panama Canal Jungle Day Tour

Days: 1     From: $115

Tour Overview

Available Wednesdays and Sundays Only

This is the most complete day tour being conducted on Lake Gatun. Tour the lake to see the flora, fauna, and ships transiting the canal. Witness history in the making as we pass close by work being carried out to expand the canal.

Your day of adventure will take you to the waters of the world’s most famous manmade lake. Lake Gatun is situated in the heart of the Isthmus of Panama. It was constructed between 1906- 1914 to make the Panama Canal possible. From the lake’s shore you will board our fast motor launches for a voyage of discovery. We will navigate above ancient routes that crossed the isthmus long before the lakes creation.

Hugh Ocean going ships can be seen transiting across this water bridge that links the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. See history in the making with the works to expand the canal.
We will glide past lush tropical forests to a scenic region of the lake and witness firsthand the splendor and excitement of the jungle. Exotic birds, monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and crocodiles are just a few of the animals that you can view in their native surroundings. The sights, sounds and scents that make up this tropical paradise will engulf you.

Our ultimate destination will be a private tropical island. A delicious native style lunch with refreshments will be served. Afterwards numerous activities are available at no additional costs. Explore on your own while kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Or if you prefer, just relax in the shade swinging in a hammock and sip a cool drink while taking in the beauty of the area.

There is a cash bar and gift shop where you can purchase unique souvenirs.
Come experience why our guests consider our Panama Tour, as one of the highlights of their visit to Panama.

Tour Itinerary

Duration on the lake: 6.5 hours
Embarkation at the Gamboa public boat ramp: Departs 9:30 am. Returns 4:00 pm.

Things to bring:
Swim suits, water shoes, sun protection, cameras, and cash for purchases.

Panama Canal Jungle Package

Rates/Options: $115pp

Children: $69

Children are 12- 6 years of age. There is no charge for ages 5 years and under.

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