Folkloric Show & Dinner Evening – Panama City

2.5 – 3 HOURS

Available Tues-Sat

Enjoy a colorful evening of dinner, live music and dancing at the Folkloric show in Panama City, representing many of the cultures of Panama.

Panama is the one of richest countries in the world for traditional music and dance and has been a melting pot of different cultures- originally native indian groups created acoustic instruments using plants and shells of animals, later the Spanish conquerors with their Old World influences and the rhythm and dance from African slaves of the 16th century. 

Visitors will be treated to a traditional show and get the opportunity to learn the folkloric dances. You will see the traditional costume, the Pollera, and get to enjoy delicious Panamanian cuisine.

Experience the vibrant part of local Panamanian culture that is so traditional to the country.

Tour Overview

Transport arranged from your hostel/hotel in Panama City

Pick-up: between 7:15 and 7:45 pm 

Drop-off: approximately 10:00 pm 


  • Return transport from your accommodation in Panama City
  • Traditional dinner (option from two menus including beverage)

Not Included

  • Extra beverages (price includes one cocktail and tea/coffee) 

Additional Information

Guests can choose from two menus:

Menu 1

  • Cocktail
  • Tamal de olla (Tamale)
  • Arroz con pollo (chicken rice)
  • Ropa vieja (shredded meat)
  • Platano en tentacion (sweet plantains)
  • Dessert: Flan or arroz con leche (creamed rice) 
  • Tea/coffee

Menu 2

  • Cocktail
  • Entrada: Sancocho de gallina (chicken soup) or a typical platter of chicharron (pork crackle), patacones, fried yuca, tortillas, carimañolas, and almojabanos
  • Main dish: Fillet of fish (pan fried, in garlic or recipe of the chef), pork loin, fried snapper, seafood (guacho) stew, ropa vieja (shredded meat), chicken breast, or a typical plate served with rice, beans and fried yuca
  • Dessert from the menu
  • Tea/coffee


Menu 1 $75 pp
Menu 2 $85 pp

Prices include transport and folklore performance

Dinner starts around 8:00 pm, shows starts at 9:00 pm and generally lasts an hour