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Jacqueline Catamaran – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – US$ 550

The biggest Catamaran from Panama to Colombia. 56 ft and with many triple and double cabins this is a great boat. They can also take motorbikes . Austrian Fritz is renowned for fantastic and hearty meals and is a chef by trade so make the most of the enermous portions he serves you. They also provide baked German brown bread ,Tea, Coffee, Water and Natural lemonade.


They have Snorkeling equipement for the guests.


Price: US$ 550.- (COP 1,1millions) per person.
Motorbike (up to 250 kg): US$ 500 (COP 1 million)
Motorbike with sidecar (and bikes over 250 kg): US$ 650 (COP 1,3 millions)
Bicycle: US$ 98.
Surfboards: US$30.

Bring the booze and drinks you need for the passage as You wish on board (ice for Your drinks unlimited provided) including: 5 days, 4 nights, 3 meals per day.
3 days between the islands of San Blas- every night a different anchorage
2 days on the open sea to (from) Cartagena stamping passports out/in at immigration
Departure: Carti (Panama) and Club Nautico, Manga (Cartagena) at 11.00 am.

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