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The Sacanagem – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – From $500pp

“Sacanagem” is a beautiful 43″ Dufour Atoll 43 sail boat.
The Sacanagem has a new captain now, Tilson Trucco with English Luana crew. They are young and fun.
The guests are welcome to bring along there own alcohol and snacks, but take into consideration that with such a long trip fridge space is limited, so a bottle of Rum or some wine  might be better than 10 “12 packs” of beer… We cater for everyone including vegetarians and Vegans, but please let us know in advance so we can shop accordingly.


The navigation to Kuna Yala (San Blas) is 36 to 42h, we arive at a beautiful area of the San Blas known as the Cayos Holandeses where we will spend time exploring the many reefs in the area and deserted, palm fringed islands. We then sail on the cayo Chichime in the Lemon Keys where once again we explore the islands and reefs in the area including the ship wreck at Isla Perro, some great snorkeling in the area. The Final destination is the island called El Porvenir where we check in with Panamanian immigration and where ends the trip early in the morning of the 6th day after breakfast. From here you can either fly to Panama City (Allbrook Airport) for approx $65pp or take a launcher to Carti and takes the 4×4 to Panama City for approx $40pp. On the Sacanagem you will get at least 5 full days of pleasure and fun.


The price is $550pp for the private doubles and $500pp for the saloon beds, and will be travelling between El Porvenir (Panamá) and Cartagena (Colombia).
They provide the 3 meals: good breakfast, salad and light protein for lunch, and for diner a generous Pasta or rice with fish or meat…They like to dabble with French cuisine and have been complimentented many times in reviews for the food They offer on board. After a good dinner we can settle down to a long night of fun with some wine or local Rum to warm us up. They have all the snorkeling equipment for you, we will fish “if Poceidon agrees” The boat has all the safety equipment necessary for everyone on board to feel safe and secure. There are 4 double individual cabins or 4 single beds with a bathroom for ladys and another bathroom for men. the administration and immigration payments are included check-out and check-in both in Panama and Colombia are taken care of by they.

The journey from Panama to Colombia is exactly the same in reverse. The seas can be rough at times and I suggest you bring along some sea sickness tablets.
We look forward to you joining us on our next sailing adventure between Panama to Colombia via the San Blas islands.

Reviews for the Sacanagem

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James Kilpatrick

I sailed on the 23rd of dec, due to weather we didnt make it to cartagena, had to go to sapzurro. We sailed with Federico on Sacanagem and it was first class, food was great and federico was a fantastic captain, very professional but also very funny. Would highly recommend him to future guests. – DECEMBER 2010

Amy Wilding

We sailed to cartegena with Fredrico on the 23rd December. The trip was awesome and we had a blast but unfortunately due to bad weather we were unable to complete the journey to cartegena and had to head to the nearest port. – DECEMBER 2010

Thomas and Carmen

As promised we send you a feedback about our boat trip one month ago with frederico from panama to cartagena. Fredercio was great and he cared a lot about our wellbeing. He made a lot of effort preparing good food and was very concerned about the safety. We were a bit disappointed because we excepted to go on a sailing trip. We can understand the reasons why he prefered the motor, but we would have prefered to know in advanced that we won’t really sail. Maybe we would have choosen another way to get to colombia.(Editor’s Note: Almost all the boats motor for most of the trip from Panama to Colombia due to the weather conditions and time involved in sailing) The other thing was that the snorkelling equipment was miserable. Nearly none of the masks were usable.(Captain reports this issue has been resolved) An idea: During the two days of sailing a lot of us were sea sick, and nearly nobody was able to do something. I really appriciated having a audio bool with me, otherwise it would have been very boring. Perhaps others like the idea…
Thanks a lit for organizing! – APRIL 2011

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