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Nacar – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – US$550

The Journey from Colombia to Panama (or reverse) via the San Blas islands is one of the most spectacular and rewarding in all of Latin America. Besides being a practical way to cross between Central and South America, the trip offers backpackers a taste of the Caribbean and some of its divine islands.
Your Captain, Fabian Arcila is no longer on the Sailing Koala but has now taken over a beautiful new Catamaran and can take up to 12 people on the trip, he treats you to 3 days in the San Blas over the course of his 5-6 day excursion and the remaining 2 days are spent at sea. Fabian speaks perfect English and has been taking backpackers on this journey since 1998. You are in experienced hands…
One of the benefits of this trip is that the boat leaves or arrives in Portobelo, Panama, making it easy to connect with Panama City by bus. The boat comfortably accommodates 6 and at 31 feet there is sufficient space for crew inside and out.


* 2 days Open Ocean sailing…..Sailing Koala offers you the opportunity to adventure across the Caribbean to a timeless and unique tropical paradise where legend becomes reality.
* 3 days in San Blas
* 4 different islands to explore a unique tropical paradise where time has stood still
* Unique delicious meals with the Kunas
* Snorkel and mask for each person
* Opportunity to learn about sailing during the trip


The trip from Colombia to Panama or reverse cost $1.000.000 pesos (US$550) All included, except alcoholic beverages

Reviews for the Gypsy Moth Sailing Yacht

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I sailed with the Gypsy Moth on their trip from Panama via San Blas to Colombia.We left August 12 and arrived the 16th. The boat is owned and sailed by an English couple, Amy and Sym who also have their baby, Halli, with them. All in all they do a really great trip. There was lots of food and it tasted well. The boat has snorkling equipment, books, a tv with thousands of movies etc. Halli is a really adorable baby and is not a problem at all. She only made the trip better. The trip to Colombia with the Gypsy Moth is HIGHLY recommended. – AUGUST 2011


Fantastic trip. Anyone thinking of sailing the san blas islands, Panama to Colombia should try their hardest to get onto the gypsy moth. Great boat, FANTASTIC capitan and crew :), and top notch food. All really professional and also really fun. Sailing the San Blas on the gypsy moth was definately a highlight of our 6 month trip. Thanks again Amy and Sym x – JULY 2011


The trip was wonderfull. Sim and Amy were very kind with us. The food they cooked for us was good as well. I don’t have anything bad about that trip to say. I think you could get the same kind of comments from the 7 other passengers even though one girl had sea sickness during the two last days. I spent really good times during this sailing trip from Panama to Colombia and I thank you and Panamatravelunlimited for that. – AUGUST 2011


hey sym, Amy and halle, thanks so much for an incredible experience – simply awesome 5 days, crew captain and all. Defs in my top 5 from 4 months of travelling – wish I could’ve done the return trip! – JULY 2011


Hey Sym and Amy (and Hallie ofcourse!). We just sent the emails to out friends and family bragging about our amazing trip to the San Blas from Colombia. It really was my favourite tour so far, great combination of relaxing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, lovely food and meeting others. After 2 days back on land I’m only just now not feeling like I’m on board the boat anymore!! Thanks for the best time, a trip to remember during our honeymoon 🙂 – JUNE 2011


Hey Guys!!! Thanks for an AMAZING sailing trip from Colombia to Panama we had no idea it was going to be that good! The WAKE BOARDING and SNORKELLING are some of the highlights of our entire trip thru latin america. Big Thank you from Me, Ben and Andy! good luck with everything i hope we cross paths again… – JUNE 2011


Hey Sym and Amy, thanks again for a great 5 days sailing trip from Cartagena to the San Blas islands, . The perfect end to my holiday in South America. All the best and look forward to hopefully seeing you guys in down under in thte future. PS say hi to Hally for me 😉 – JUNE 2011


We had an amazing time on the gypsy moth! Amy and Sym were great hosts and great fun! The snorkeling was amazing and so was the food!! Thank you for everything and a special thanks for the birthday brownie cake, it was very sweet of you guys x x x – JUNE 2011


Definitely a highlight of our trip! My brother and I took the Gypsy Moth from Panama to Cartegena, and weren’t too sure what to expect… we each have a motorcycle, so our first concern was finding a boat willing to take them. Sym and Amy were extremely accommodating, and the trip itself was incredible. The San Blas are beautiful, and the Gypsy Moth herself was very comfortable and Sym, Amy, and Hallie were more like old friends than anything else. The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful, and the joking and conversation were hilarious. If I could, I’d love to sail the San Blas again, and I wouldn’t do it with anyone other than the Gypsy Moth. – MAY 2011


Wow, if you considering a trip from Panama to Colombia by boat with Sym and Amy (and of course Hallie!) i would plan your life around getting on this boat. Firstly, both amy and sym have had extensive sailing experience, and know the area very well. All i wanted to do at first was to get from Panama to Columbia and we luckily found an amazing trip , with amazing people on the best boat going around. Everyone is garunteed a bed which is not always the case on other boats. My girlfriend and i enjoyeed the experience immensily and it is thanks to Amy and Capt. Sym. Organise a trip on this BOAT NOW! Thanks for everything guys – MAY 2011


I did the trip from Panama to Cartagena on Sym and Amy’s old boat, the Quartermoon. It was an amazing experience. We were looked after wonderfully and the trip will never be forgotten. The San Blas islands are really cool, swimming in the crystal clear blue water, amazing lobster, Sym’s curry and great people! Would definitely recommend these two! Safe travels to you guys xo – 2009-2010


Me and my girlfriend traveled with Amy and Sym on the boat (Quartermoon) they had before this one. It was a smaller boat but they made us and the others feel right at home straigt away! The food was awsome and they listened to our needs and expectations! Considering what i heard from people going on other boats between Panama and Colombia i’m quite sure that we picked the best boat around!!
Thanks for a great experience guys, wish i could go back now and do it again, the new boat sounds very nice!!- 2009-2010


Travelling with Sym, Amy and Hallie on the Gypsy Moth between Panama and Colombia was one of the best things I´ve ever done! They were so warm and welcoming I´d do it again tomorrow….and those San Blas Islands were pretty amazing too. Thank you and keep in touch xxxx – APRIL 2011


My two kids and I sailed from Panama to Colombia with this crew when they owned a different boat, the Quartermoon. As a single Mom backpacking with two kids it was vital for me to find a safe boat with a really nice well adjusted crew and comfortable clean quarters. I could not have asked for anything more in Captain Sym and first mate Amy. They were wonderful with my kids and when things got rough on the water and I couldn’t move much Sym entertained and watched over my 11 yr old, sea-sick free sailor boy. I would love to do this trip again but in the very least I highly recommend it to every backpacker especially families traveling with kids. Feel free to ask me any questions about our fabulous unforgettable experience which was my highlight of the journey. – 2009-2010


jeeeeeeha…. i’m the first one 🙂
thank you soooooo much guys for this great trip, it was amazing… gypsy moth, you guys, the food, the places… EVERYTHING…. i will remember this trip for ever…
hope you doing well, enjoy life… and take care… – APRIL 2011


One of the best trips I have done, San Blas Islands were amazing, especially enjoyed the lobster! Thank you for being such good hosts.. I’m going to recommend your trip to everyone! Take Care x. – APRIL 2011


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