Delfin Solo

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The Delfin Solo – Sailing between Panama & Colombia – $535pp

Delfin Solo is a 45ft, cutter rig sailboat with full keel, lots of deck space and very large cockpit. We take six to eight people.
We both have over 30 yrs sailing experience. We have been cruising with Delfin Solo for the last four and a half years.


We do a good trip and are know for us very relaxed atmosphere and interaction with the guests. We have snorkeling equipement.


We charge $535pp (This price keep changing) for a five day trip with 3 days in San Blas. We provide the food and water. We pay for checking fees, lobster. We have snorkels and spear guns, hammocks…
The guests are welcome to bring along there own alcohol and snacks, but take into consideration that with such a long trip fridge space is limited, so a bottle of Rum or some wine  might be better than 10 “12 packs” of beer… We cater for everyone including vegetarians and Vegans, but please let us know in advance so we can shop accordingly.

We look forward to you joining us on our next sailing adventure from Panama to Colombia or vice versa via the San Blas islands.

Marjan Van Der Weerd

I can inform you that I had the most wonderful week of my life, sailing from Cartagena to Panama and visiting San Blas with the very nice copple captains Rengin and Tahsin. And of course with gatito. I will never forget this trip and hope to be able to make it again the other way around from Panama to Cartagena. I will look for some photos for you. Happy Sailing. Marjan. – AUGUST 2011

Tanae Finch

How I wish you both the very best Rengin and Tahsin! I will always remember such a wonderful trip through the San Blas Islands, Panama to Colombia and eating a delicious buffet of fresh lobster! You guys are fantastic and I wish you a great summer. I’ll be taking your trip again one day. Let me know if you make it out to Hawai’i! Suerte! – JUNE 2011

Pablo Carvallo P

hey hope you are completely recovered from the captains bday, thank you very much for that wonderful experience through the San Blas, we are already back in mexico and have been partying with jacob who has ben here for the last week, we couldn’t stop thinking how great were those days in the delfin solo. thank you again for everything. give gatito a lobster for me. – JANUARY 2010

Vanessa Parfett

BEST WEEK EVER! aweosme captains, awesome food, awesome boat (Delfin Solo)…what more could you want? thanks rengin and tahsin (aka mum and dad) for everything your fun and your friendship..ohh and getting us to panama from Colombia was handy too! xx – NOVEMBER 2010

Carlo Divita

Hey Rengin and Tahsin thankyou both so much for the amazing week that we all had with you sailing from Panama to Colombia. Anyone thinking of going on this boat – you will not regret it – great captains, great food, great boat – everything you want. Thanks again, we’ll post some pictures when we have better internet. Carlo, Steph, Pickles, Jaimee, Ness, Hayley. – NOVEMBER 2010

Brian Crooke

Hola Rengin & Tahsin! I finally got around to uploading my photos. Thanks for a great time on the boat. One of the highlights of my entire trip (and I’ve been on the road for a while!!)……oh and I just have to say one more time those lobsters were BEAUTIFUL….I mean….BEAUTIFUL! – JANUARY 2011

Marijn Luchtman

We sailed with Rengin and Tahsin in April, and it was great!!! The best hosts ever, nice food, save passage etc etc. Highly recommended!! I also wish I was there now (compare to the shitty weather here in Amsterdam). Hope you are well, and that we’ll see eachother some time again!
XX Marijn (and Marc of course) – SEPTEMBER 2009

Ange Riley

I love the delfin solo!! it was the best time of my whole trip through south and central america. Rengan and Tahsin were so much fun, I would recommend anyone to sail with them. I wish i could do it all over again. – SEPTEMBER 2009

Lani D

I traveled with The Delfin Solo from Cartagena to San Blas.The owners are Tahsin and Rengin, a lovely European couple who live on The Delfin Solo with their cat, Gatito. The boat is a small sailboat with rooms that sleep five in total, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room. We were six passengers plus Tahsin and Rengin, though most nights everyone slept on the deck after watching the stars. Food was simple during the sailing days as it was difficult to cook properly while the boat was rolling over waves… and most of the passengers didn’t really feel up for anything big anyway. So breakfast was usually cereal, then there was fruit, sandwiches and noodles. When the boat was anchored behind the reef though, it was time for superb mashed potatoes, bread and dip, lobster, salad, meatballs, quesadillas, and the fish and crab that the boys caught while spearfishing. I recommend this boat and this trip highly. If The Delfin Solo is still sailing this route, go find them and have a great time! – DECEMBER 2009


çHi, my name is noah and i was part of a group who spent 7 days on delfin
solo from panama to cartagena in columbia via the san blas islands. My friend and i were part of a group of 6 which was a perfect size for the 45ft yacht. I thought the boat was beautiful and very well kept, it felt very spacious and comfortable.
Tahsin and Rengin were very friendly and i felt thouroughly safe with them as our captains, they never hesitated to give us information and explain our journey plans which was very reasuring. Rengin was also an excellent cook and i was surprised by the variety of food we ate considering we were 7 days at sea. They often used a trawling line to catch our dinner which was really cool. We stopped at several different san blas islands and Tahsin was enthusiastic to teach us how to catch fish with spear guns which was a really good experience, he also lent us his fishing rod and snorkeling gear. They treated and welcomed everyone as if we were part of their family. It was a very positive experience. – UNKNOWN


From 30 March to 5 april sailing on the Delfin Solo from Cartagena to
Panama, with two full days at sea and three in the San Blas islands, which were great. Lunch and dinner included every day on this beautiful boat for 8 people max. Very laid back and lots of opportunities to take pictures, buy fish, dive off the boat and walk around on tiny islands and meet Kuna indians. Crew (incl Gatito the sailcat) is outstanding and knows what
to do at all time. Thanks alot, Rogier (Amsterdam) – April 2010

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