San Blas Islands


San Blas Tours

Dotted along the Caribbean coastline of Panama are the marvelous San Blas Island, also known as Guna Yala by the local and indigenous community. More than 360 small islands make up the archipelago of San Blas and it has fast become one of the most unique destinations to visit in the world.

Coconut trees, crystal-clear water, soft white sand beaches, sunken shipwrecks, and coral reefs make it a true paradise.

Living on the islands are the Guna, an autonomous indigenous community that has inhabited the region for hundreds of years and while modern utilities such as mobile phones and speedboats are a normal part of life now, much of the Guna traditions are still maintained and visiting the islands will give you an opportunity to see the local culture and way of life. Living is simple in San Blas, there is little modern luxury and this is part of the charm and authenticity of this intriguing place which attracts visitors from all over the world. Your trip to Panama would not to be complete without a visit to the beautiful San Blas Islands.

San Blas Day Trip

For those short on time, you can still enjoy a day island-hopping with the San Blas Day Trip. Spend the day in an untouched paradise and embrace the unique customs of the indigenous Guna community. Take a local boat from island to island, seeing the highlights of San Blas, enjoy white sand beaches, snorkeling, and a traditional lunch.

14 hours    Ι      $125 pp

Yani Island

Isla Yani (Yansailidub)

Isla Yani is beautiful and less crowded. The small but spacious island offers camping, shared and private rooms, and private cabins. Yani is located near to La Piscina (a natural swimming pool) and is known as “lobster island” since lobsters are caught close to the island. Lola, the resident parrot, is there to welcome you to the island.

1+ nights    Ι      From $145 pp

Chichime (Wissudub Bibbi)

With perfect turquoise water and beautiful beaches, Chichime is considered one of the best islands in San Blas. It takes around 15 minutes to walk around, making it one of the larger islands to can visit. The island is dotted with coconut trees, some forestry to explore, and beautifully decorated cabins. Chichime is suitable for all travelers.

1+ nights     Ι     From $155 pp

Isla Iguana (Arriyaladub)

Isla Iguana, located 15 minutes from the port by boat, is one of the most beautiful and picturesque islands to stay on. Traditional thatch huts face the sea and clear water surrounds the small island that offers shared and private cabanas, as well as camping. Iguana is suitable for any travelers that don’t mind simple and are looking to relax in a beautiful setting.

1+ nights    Ι      From $165 pp

Yani Island


Nubesidub is a small and tranquil island and a nice option for people looking to stay in quieter surroundings. It offers a beautiful beach, perfect for lazing in the sun with a book. There are usually no more than 20 people staying at one time. Nubesidub is perfect for guests that don’t mind basic facilities and are looking for an authentic San Blas experience. 

1+ nights    Ι      From $165 pp

Isla Diablo (Niadub)

Isla Diablo is one of the more popular islands and surrounded by other beautiful islands, including Isla Perro and a sunken shipwreck, so it´s a great home base for your stay in San Blas. Isla Diablo offers different accommodation options, both shared and private, with an option for private bathrooms, a great beach and a large dining area for guests. 

1+ nights     Ι     From $150 pp


Wake up and jump right into the crystal clear waters from your back door. The private wooden cabins over the water give you the magical sensation of being on the sea while offering comfortable accommodation and a wonderful view of the islands from your own private terrace. Located on one side of Isla Wailidub. 

1+ nights    Ι      From $220 pp