Ultimate Tours

Ultimate San Blas Tour

Our most popular tour… normally 2 nights and 3 days. It will include 4×4 to and from Panama city, boat to and from the island where you will camp in our tents or upgrade to cabanas. Quality snorkelling equipment for all clients provided, football, volleyball and other games available. You will get daily tours and visit a community. The island you stay on has a lovely beach, good snorkelling and bucket flush toilets with fresh water shower. This has fast become the most popular tour in the San Blas islands.
Ultimate Embera Tour

This tour will be 2 nights and 3 days. It will include all transport to and from Panama city. You can take a hammock or if preferred camp in our tents. You will get daily tours as well as the Embera ceremonial dance and music presentation. Visit the bat caves and canyon on Lago Bayano, swim with the children in the river, visit the school and so much more. There is no other tour like it in Panama
Ultimate Panama Tour

Our newest additon- set date group tour which is a 10 day adventure around Panama, from the Embera Village on the boarder of the Dairen, to the tropical San Blas Islands, Panama City highlights and the New Mamallena Eco Lodge for some nature seeking! December dates are out now!